5 Top Activities in Hobart Tasmania

Before I headed off to Tasmania I tried to find other blog posts to find some fun activities to do. Apparently the travel blog world is lacking a bit in Hobart activities so I decided the world needed me. I’ve narrowed down the top 5 activities I did while I was in Hobart and it has quickly become one of my favorite places in Australia.


Probably one of Hobart’s most famous attractions was my first stop upon arriving in Tasmania. MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) is definitely an interesting place to spend a day. With a fuzzy chair that purrs when you pat it, a library filled with only white books, a poo machine (a child’s favorite) and a trampoline with bells overlooking the water, it’s impossible to be bored at this art museum.

There are so many pieces to see so it’s hard to pick my favorite. Art museums may not be for everyone but at least this one is almost so bizarre that it’s fun. iPhones and headsets are provided upon entry and instead of reading the plaques by each piece of work there are videos you can listen to about the art.

I’m just going to warn you right here. (Don’t say I never did anything for you). The poo machine; it sounds totally gross (and it is) but it’s also really cool. The machine is built to resemble a digestive tract that they feed twice a day. If you’ve got the guts (sorry for the terrible pun) don’t miss seeing this. Beware, it does smell a bit. What did you expect?

If you don’t have a car to get around there is a ferry you can take to get here. How cool would it be to show up at a museum off of a boat? The best bit of the MONA is the little winery/cafe outside of the museum that is absolutely worth a visit. It has a great outdoor seating area with a cozy atmosphere. No visit to Hobart is complete without a trip to MONA.

Mount Fields National Park

For anyone that wants to soak in all of Tasmania’s natural beauty Mount Fields National Park is the perfect day trip. Located about an hour from Hobart it’s easy to get to and the drive is so beautiful passing fields of grapes, rolling hills and adorable little towns. Russell falls is one of the more popular spots to visit in Mount Fields and it’s obvious to see why. Nestled into a rainforest high up in the hills of Tasmania is this magnificent waterfall that seriously feels like you’ve stepped into some magical world. There are more trails you can spend all day on including the tall trees trail which has some of the tallest trees in Tasmania. If you have a craving for some nature don’t pass up a trip to Mount Fields.


Salamanca Markets

Easily the most popular markets in Tasmania are the Salamanca Markets. Held every Saturday over 300 vendors from around Tassie come to sell their glorious produce, crafts, play their music and so much more. This market is really the lifeline of Hobart and attracts visitors as well as locals week after week. If you are have more of your visit left in Hobart it’s really worth it to buy your produce from the markets here to use during your stay. It’s a win-win since you are shopping locally and it always tastes better than big grocery stores. There are also always artists playing their music around and market-goers dancing around them. It’s quite a fun experience! Make sure you don’t miss it when you’re in Hobart.

Farm Gate Markets

Another market to head to if you’re obsessed like I am and one isn’t enough. The Farm Gate market is a lot smaller than the Salamanca markets but it has an adorable charm to it. There were some great flower stalls and food vendors around as well as some more hand-made goods. Definitely come hungry to this one because there were some delicious smelling food being made. There is a BBQ Octopus stall that had the biggest line I’d ever seen for food. I didn’t try them because the suction cups freak me out but OMG the smell was so amazing. It’s apparently a market favorite.

Mt. Wellington

The tallest peak in Hobart is the absolute best spot to view the city and surrounding areas. Seriously these views are AMAZING! I don’t really know how else to describe it. For the ultimate experience get there early in the morning and watch the sunrise. I know that sounds disgusting for non-morning people but it is 1000% worth it. Normally the gates to the summit are closed until around 7am to make sure there is no ice on the road but you can park and walk up. Even if you don’t want to hike that far even about 5 minutes up the road you can get some incredible views. Plus, if you get there that early you basically have the whole mountain to yourself! #bonus

Seeing Hobart and the water down below is so amazing. The summit will definitely be one of those places where you just stop, stare at the world and think how fortunate we are to be seeing this. It’s a special place that will make you feel so small in the world yet so important at the same time. Don’t forget your camera because there are so many great photo ops when you’re there. And yes, being up that high does mean you will want to bring a few layers. It gets cold, especially before the sun comes up/goes down.

If you’re keen on trying to see the southern lights (Aurora Australis for all you technical people) heading up to the top of Mt. Wellington at night is a popular place to see them. I wasn’t so lucky to see them on my trip and yes I was heartbroken because I was really looking forward to it, but maybe you’ll be luckier than I was. Just remember the gates do close at night so your options will be to either hike up/down in the dark or camp in the parking area overnight. I’m sure either would be totally worth it.


There are so many other places to visit around Hobart like Wine Glass Bay, Port Arthur, Bruny Island just to name a few but sadly I didn’t have enough time for them. I guess a return trip is in order. Did you like these suggestions? Do you have other places you’d recommend instead? Let me know in the comments below! And as always if you like what I’ve written please share the love and put it on social media!






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