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Recently I checked off another state on my Australian bucketlist. I headed off to South Australia, more specifically Adelaide. Now poor Adelaide has a reputation for being a bit dull but I was lucky enough to visit during The Fringe and WOMADelaide which are both huge music/performance festivals. I had a blast!

All of that excitement wasn’t enough for my adventurous soul though. I wanted to get out in nature. So after googleing some great hikes in the area I came across the Mount Lofty hike which overlooks Adelaide and has views all the way out to the ocean. You can even spot Kangaroo Island on a clear day. I decided to book the hike as a tour through pureSA that way I could get there and back easily. This was the easiest way since public transport doesn’t take you all the way to Mount Lofty.

On the day of the hike I arrived at pureSA’s headquarters which was conveniently located in the CBD of Adelaide and they drove us to the base of the hike. The drive was so comfortable with air conditioning, complimentary water bottles and commentary about Adelaide’s history.

Starting the hike

At the base of Mount Lofty the entrance to the trail, called Waterfall Gulley and let me tell you it’s absolutely beautiful. Lush greenery everywhere the soft trickle of water and a quiet calm really set the mood for the hike. I was quite excited.

If you’re looking for a nice place to view the waterfalls there are plenty of great spots to sit and watch the waterfalls but I wasn’t here to sit; I wanted to HIKE! So off I went with the rest of the group. The first part of the hike is actually really tricky. It’s steep and exhausting but that part only lasts for about 5-10 minutes depending on how many times you stop to rest. Once you hiked back around the waterfalls the trail leveled out and it was easier to see the beauty around you.

Keep your eyes peeled for koalas high up in the trees because this is a well known place for spotting them. One of the lovely ladies in our tour group had a knack for bird spotting and she was able to find all of these great colorful birds (and tell us their names). Even though I can’t remember a single bird’s name, it was still really interesting to see.

Look at this beautiful trail!

Reaching the summit

Right before you reach the summit it starts to get steep again but keep pushing through because the top is totally worth it. Right before the top you pass the one of the most secluded hostels I’ve ever seen. In the middle of the woods on top of a huge hill is this small cottage turned hostel. It’s a no frills place but looks like a fun experience.

Would you stay here?

Mount Lofty’s summit is a whopping 710 meters above sea level which ensures the views are spectacular. There are plenty of great lookouts to enjoy from or if you’re feeling a bit peckish you can grab a bite to eat at the cafe and enjoy the views with a nice treat. I helped myself to a gigantic iced coffee guaranteed to give me enough energy all the way home.

Take time to enjoy the view with a drink at the summit.

Easily, my favorite part was being able to see all the way out to sea from the top. Kangaroo Island, a popular tourist spot home to Kangaroos (obviously) and seals, can be seen on a good day. It’s amazing since getting there is a good 4 hour drive. If you’re looking for a place to feel on top of the world this is a great place to start.

Sorry, but I HAD to.
If you hike to the top of Mt Lofty and didn’t get a selfie did it really happen?

The view is so amazing I wouldn’t blame you if you stayed up there all day. For me though, I had to get back down to the base because our tour guide was picking us up. She told us about a cool alternative path to take that is an old fire rescue road. It’s a bumpy dirt path that is pretty slippery with pebbles and lose dirt but worth it if you want to have a less crowded hike.

Adelaide in the distance.
The line where the land meets the sea.

Hiking up Mount Lofty was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Adelaide. It’s not a hike for everyone since it’s so steep but the view’s worth it. Here’s a big thank you for pureSA for taking me to see this beauty. If you want to discover more places on your trip to South Australia check out the 15 best places to visit in South Australia by my friend The Crazy Tourist. Have you ever hiked Mount Lofty? What are some of your favorite hike? Tell me in the comments below.

Disclaimer* This is a sponsored post for pureSA however ALL opinions are my own.









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