A Weekend in Melbourne (and Why That’s Not Enough Time)

Flashback to my first few weeks in Australia buying a roundtrip flight to Melbourne…FOR 3 DAYS!!!

-Sounds like a great weekend trip!

-Perfect amount of time to see the city!

-For the deal I got I’m ok with leaving Saturday instead of Sunday.

Fast forward to me landing in Melbourne.

-Wow this city is magnificent!

-I wish I had more time!

-There’s so much more I want to explore!

I’m not gonna lie, Melbourne is a COOL city! It 100% needed more than 3 days to explore.

DAY 1:

I always like to take the earliest flight (if I can) so I can get in as soon as possible. This worked perfectly since I got into Melbourne at 8am and I was stoked (yes, I just said stoked). Obviously the first thing I had to do was get coffee in the self proclaimed Coffee Capitol of the World! I would completely agree with that statement since every cup I had was AH-MAZE-ING!

After I was caffinated and ready to hit the town I took the tram down to St. Kilda. The trams are surprisingly easy to get around on and even had quite an interesting event on my first time riding one!

St. Kilda

St. Kilda is such a cute little beach suburb with Luna Park (a fun amusement park with a scary clown face as the entrance…you’ve been warned!) If you can get past the unsettling entrance it is worth a trip! There are also beach bike rentals to ride around and if I wasn’t wearing a dress (for the first time ever, damn my horrible planning) I would have totally gone! If you decide to take the bikes you can get down to my favorite part of the beach (or it’s a 30 minute bus/walk) called Brighton Beach. This is where the iconic beach boxes are located! I was so lucky to get there on a chilly late afternoon because there were hardly any people there! I’m not sure what I did to deserve that but I’m taking it!

Make sure you have enough space on your camera because with over 70 beach boxes you will have quite the photoshoot ahead of you! Here’s a few of mine. (I wont bother you with all of them because there were SO many!)

After my day in St. Kilda I made my way back up to the CBD (central business district) of Melbourne and set out for some dinner. In one of Melbourne’s many laneways I found this restaurant called The Quarter. It was a quaint little shop with fun decorations to look at, but what really excited me was the menu! (Obviously) After a pint of cider-don’t judge, I’m on holiday, my order arrived. Grilled Barramundi with asparagus and a lemon, butter, caper sauce. O-M-G this was literally one of the BEST meals I have EVER consumed. I basically licked the plate clean! If you are ever in Melbourne you have to check out this place. You will NOT be disappointed!

It’s all about the presentation and The Quarter does not disappoint!

Once it was dark I took a walk around the river to look at the city lights and it was a spectacular view. The lights reflecting off of the water and the easy going atmosphere made for such a nice relaxing evening. I made a stop for a drink by the river to enjoy the sights at Pilgrim. I’m always a sucker for a nice cocktail and it was no surprise that this foodie city left me speechless.

Watching the river traffic while sipping on some paradise!

Day 2:

I decided to check out Cafe Andiamo for breakfast and had my favorite, bacon and egg roll and of course MORE COFFEE!

There is a free tour company located in Melbourne and Sydney that does multiple walking tours of the city daily! You can view their website here. This tour was easily the highlight of my trip for a few reasons.

  1. The tour guide was an amazing local who genuinely loved telling people about Melbourne.
  2. I met a bunch of solo travelers from all over the world just on this one tour! And a group of us spent the rest of the day together. (My favorite part about solo travel is getting to meet people and being able to change your plans to spend time together).
  3. You get to see ALL of the major sites of the city and learn about the history!
  4. The walking tour is easy for everyone of every age! It’s about 3 hours but very easy going.

Some highlights of the tour were Hosier Lane (pictured below), the Old Melbourne Jail, Chinatown, and the laneways that are seriously so magical you feel like you’ve stepped into a scene from Harry Potter (that’s literally how the tour guide explained it).

The Melbourne Goal was next on my itinerary. It was recommended to me by a local lady I met in Sydney earlier this year and it was totally worth it. I took a haunted tour of the jail, and just like everything else in Melbourne, it was a performance of what it would be like to live and work in the jail back in the 1800’s. As exciting as it was this tour operates at night and is not recommended for kids (or for people easily freaked out for that matter). If you are going to go, don’t be idiotic like me; bring someone to hold onto!

Day 3: 

Since I was flying back to Sydney today I didn’t have a full day (insert childish sobbing and denial here). I woke early and grabbed the usual coffee and brekky then took the free city tram to the Docklands just west of the city. Side note:  The trams totally looked like the ones in San Francisco and I was really excited about the coincidence. Nobody else thought that was cool.

The big attraction here is the giant Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. It’s a 30 minute ride around in an enclosed capsule that let’s you walk around and get a 360° view! I got there right as it opened so I got a whole cabin to myself! It was great because there was nobody to judge my obsessive selfie taking (sorry not sorry).


**You can see more pictures from my trip on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel here!**

My last stop before I flew home was to the State Library of Victoria. It was the obvious choice since I’m captivated by books and libraries, (I blame Beauty and the Beast). It’s free to get into and is part library and part museum. It surely is worth the visit! Make sure you head to the top level to see the birds-eye view!

The State Library of Victoria

Melbourne is a breathtaking city full of great food, history, friendly people and inspiring art. This city has something for everyone and I highly recommend you book your flights now! You won’t be sorry!

Here’s just a little extra:

Sunset over Melbourne

To see more photos of my trip to Melbourne click here, or herehere, and here



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*Disclaimer- this was not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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      Haha very true! There is just so much to do! Glad you enjoyed it!


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