Next up: Melbourne

   In a less than a week I’m exploring yet another place in Australia…MELBOURNE! Needless to say I am excited to keep checking off my bucketlist.

I booked my trip back in July when TigerAir was having a HUGE sale! My roundtrip flight was $87! Can you believe that!? I couldn’t pass a great deal like that up!

So now the time is quickly approaching and I am shamelessly spending all of my spare time planning my itinerary. Even though it’s a quick weekend trip I am packing in as many activities as I can.

Basically I’m planning on eating, seeing sights, eating, taking pictures, eating, drinking coffee, and finding more great places to eat! Good thing all of my walking will burn off all of my calories! Plus vacation calories don’t count. Right? Unfortunately I won’t have enough time on my trip to do the Great Ocean Road (which I was really looking forward to) but I’ll just have to go on another trip haha!

What I’m most excited to see

  1. St. Kilda beach-think colorful beach huts lined all up and down the beach, plenty of streets with great shops, and cafes with some of Melbourne’s best coffee. AND PENGUINS!
  2. City tour of Melbourne-there is a free walking tour of Melbourne’s architecture and history! Right up my alley!
  3. China town and local markets-a great way to check out the food/arts scene.

There are many more items on my list of things to do but you will just have to stay tuned for my next post about what I actually did on my trip!

Have any of you been to Melbourne? Any places you recommend I visit? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



*Disclaimer-all thoughts and opinions are my own.

**Photo by Gav Owen

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  1. ton feeney

    Have fun please be safe . You know the 5Ts use them . Going by yourself ? Ride that big fairest wheel in the pix


    1. travelingkatiebug

      Thanks dad I’ll be safe. (Insert obligatory eye roll here) love you!


  2. dainarmb

    Ahhh, so excited for your upcoming trip! Hope you enjoy yourself, and I can’t wait to see more pictures. Melbourne is high on my list too, so I’m looking forward to hearing your take on it. xx


    1. travelingkatiebug

      Aw thank you! That’s very kind!


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