48 Hours in Newcastle

Am I the only one who has dropped all responsibilities and gone on a weekend trip?

While I should be saving for my upcoming trip to Cairns, Australia, I decided I needed a weekend away. I opened up my public transport app and picked a place that I could get to by train. Newcastle it was! 

Now that I had my location I needed to start planning my trip. (Googles everything she can about Newcastle) I quickly realized there weren’t many people talking about this place so I felt this post was needed for anyone looking to travel to Newcastle for a quick trip. 

Day 1: Hop on the Northbound train from Sydney, Australia!

It was only a 3 hour train ride from Sydney which seems incredibly long but hey, it was a great opportunity to catch up on some work…aka Netflix, continue planning my trip, eating all of the Tim Tams I packed with me. Sorry not sorry.

Getting off the train hours later (before noon I might add #morningpersonwin) I set off to find my hostel. Yes you read that right a HOSTEL not a hotel. I stayed at the YHA (Youth Hostels of Australia) in Newcastle and I was very impressed how wonderful it was. It used to be a gentlemen’s club back in the day so the building in itself has some history.


Set out for a bite to eat after all that travel and make your way down to Darby Street where all your food dreams exist. Aromas is a small all day eatery that has adorable indoor/outdoor seating and only the cutest patio chairs. (This might have been the real reason I chose where I was eating). Regardless of the decor, Aroma’s makes one of the best pasta I’ve ever had. If carb overloading is on your list don’t miss Aroma’s!

What would any normal person do after stuffing their face full of food? Go get ice cream of course. Literally cross the road and head to Nic’s Nitro Wonderland for some Liquid Nitrogen Gelato. Yes, LIQUID NITROGEN!! It’s all the rage with creative flavors of gelato and it did not disappoint.

After being extremely well fed, set off to Nobby’s Lighthouse and take a walk to the end of the breakwall, if you dare. Caution you will get wet.* Braving the walk is completely worth it for spectacular views of the coast. And since you’re most likely already wet take a dip in the ocean or learn to surf. Newcastle is known for some amazing surf spots.

End the day by stopping into Grain Store for dinner. This pub has wonderful food and craft beer for those who need to unwind after your long day.

Day 2:  Eat, Explore, Repeat.

Do yourself a favor and get brekky at Estabar. Beach views, amazing coffee, and delicious food to start your day. It’s a triple threat! Hey, you’re on vacation, they even have gelato if you’re into that sorta thing in the morning (raises hand slowly). Once you’ve (again) eaten way too much, work it all off by taking a coastal walk along the Shortland Esplanade making your way to the Newcastle Memorial Walk. This walk isn’t only stunning but actually is an opportunity to learn about surrounding area. Trust me the views are breathtaking and if you go at the right time of year, you might even see some whales!

If walking isn’t your thing, take a dip in one of Australia’s unique ocean baths at two locations. The Newcastle ocean baths and the Merewether ocean baths are little pools open to the public where you can swim at the beach without having to actually be in the ocean. *Read: none of the terrifying animals Australia is so well known for.

Jumping along the Memorial Walk!

Yet again I’m sure it’s time for some food. Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered. Head over to The Depot on Darby Street for some grub. Everything on the menu looked amazing yet I decided to treat myself to a monstrous milkshake that literally had cheesecake on top! Honestly, who can resist that?

Newcastle truly is a quaint little town that has something for everyone. With a budding food scene, art galleries galore, and beautiful landscapes around every corner, this place is not to be missed. If you have more time, I suggest heading up to Stockton for some camel rides along the beach, a nice ferry ride, or even a Hunter Wine Valley tour. Newcastle is right along the beautiful Hunter Valley known for some of Australia’s finest wines.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time for a vacation!




*What other places would you recommend in Newcastle? Love to hear any suggestions.

**All opinions are my own.

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  1. Mel & Suan

    LOL for a moment we thought it was Newcastle (upon Tyne) in the UK you were writing about! Its 14 hours apart by plane! LOL


    1. travelingkatiebug

      Ah oh no! That would’ve been a bit of an awkward moment trying to find all these places! Sorry for the confusion!


      1. Mel & Suan

        No worries, found another spot to look at on the map!


  2. Mira

    Oh Estabar! That is one of my favorites amongst the Newcastle’s cafes. Beautiful spot especially early in the morning!!


    1. travelingkatiebug

      It was delicious! It’s totally worth a favorite!


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