5 Top Activities in Hobart Tasmania

Before I headed off to Tasmania I tried to find other blog posts to find some fun activities to do. Apparently the travel blog world is lacking a bit in Hobart activities so I decided the world needed me. I’ve narrowed down the top 5 activities I did while I was in Hobart and it has quickly become one of my favorite places in Australia.

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The Best Hike in South Australia


Recently I checked off another state on my Australian bucketlist. I headed off to South Australia, more specifically Adelaide. Now poor Adelaide has a reputation for being a bit dull but I was lucky enough to visit during The Fringe and WOMADelaide which are both huge music/performance festivals. I had a blast!

All of that excitement wasn’t enough for my adventurous soul though. I wanted to get out in nature. So after googleing some great hikes in the area I came across the Mount Lofty hike which overlooks Adelaide and has views all the way out to the ocean. Continue reading “The Best Hike in South Australia”

ABC’s of Disney Cruising Like a Pro (from a former cruise line employee)

Finally booking that vacation is the most rewarding feeling in the world (except maybe being able to finish a whole pizza alone). But once the ‘vacation booking’ jitters have stopped the stress of planning the perfect trip sets in. For many trips there just seems like endless activities, recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, and the list goes on and on. Cruising is no different and when you cruise with Disney you know you’ll have even more options to choose from to give it that magical touch. Here are the ABC’s of Disney cruising  that will save your sanity from trying to cram everything in. And because I’m nice I’ll let you in on a little tip before we even get started. Many of these tips can be useful on other cruise lines too! Continue reading “ABC’s of Disney Cruising Like a Pro (from a former cruise line employee)”

5 Ways To Survive Your Flight

Congratulations, you lucky traveler you!

You are just about to embark on an exciting trip! Now the hard part, trying to survive your horrifyingly long flight. I can almost here you sigh, “Why, oh why must airplanes be so uncomfortable?” Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to that BUT I do have some helpful tips on how to survive your those hours squashed between two strangers at 37000 ft. Continue reading “5 Ways To Survive Your Flight”

A Weekend in Melbourne (and Why That’s Not Enough Time)

Flashback to my first few weeks in Australia buying a roundtrip flight to Melbourne…FOR 3 DAYS!!!

-Sounds like a great weekend trip!

-Perfect amount of time to see the city!

-For the deal I got I’m ok with leaving Saturday instead of Sunday.

Fast forward to me landing in Melbourne.

-Wow this city is magnificent!

-I wish I had more time!

-There’s so much more I want to explore!

I’m not gonna lie, Melbourne is a COOL city! It 100% needed more than 3 days to explore. Continue reading “A Weekend in Melbourne (and Why That’s Not Enough Time)”

10 Best Gifts for Travelers



It’s that time of year again, the holidays and the hunt for that perfect gift. For anyone that has an obsessive traveler in their life they might realize how difficult it is to find a gift for them. Make the holiday season a bit less stressful and check out these top 10 travel gifts to give to that someone who just can’t keep their feet in one place. Continue reading “10 Best Gifts for Travelers”

Next up: Melbourne

   In a less than a week I’m exploring yet another place in Australia…MELBOURNE! Needless to say I am excited to keep checking off my bucketlist.

I booked my trip back in July when TigerAir was having a HUGE sale! My roundtrip flight was $87! Can you believe that!? I couldn’t pass a great deal like that up!

So now the time is quickly approaching and I am shamelessly spending all of my spare time planning my itinerary. Even though it’s a quick weekend trip I am packing in as many activities as I can.

Basically I’m planning on eating, seeing sights, eating, taking pictures, eating, drinking coffee, and finding more great places to eat! Good thing all of my walking will burn off all of my calories! Plus vacation calories don’t count. Right? Unfortunately I won’t have enough time on my trip to do the Great Ocean Road (which I was really looking forward to) but I’ll just have to go on another trip haha! Continue reading “Next up: Melbourne”

Why You Must Add Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef To Your Bucketlist

Recently I wrote about my trip to Cairns and briefly covered my experience at the Great Barrier Reef. I knew right away that I needed to delve deeper into my amazing experience. Never fear, this is where I’m going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about taking a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef and what to expect. To discover more about the rest of my trip to Cairns click here. Continue reading “Why You Must Add Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef To Your Bucketlist”

Why Cairns Should Absolutely Be On Your Travel List

During my time here in Australia I knew I wanted to travel as much as possible. It wasn’t a matter of when but where. For some reason I was so stubborn about going to the big cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.) that I completely forgot about Cairns. Now Cairns is not big by any means but if it’s true what they say that size doesn’t matter then it must be worth a shot! Located in the Tropical North Queensland is little Cairns that is a dream to adventurers and tourists alike. There really is a little something for everyone and every bit is as exciting as the next. Continue reading “Why Cairns Should Absolutely Be On Your Travel List”